Space out! and Blank out!

Posted: November 4, 2013 by Pinkie Sparkles in Uncategorized

I did my stop everything for ten minutes this week. and i was really surprised to how i reacted mentally and physically to the experiment. The first time i did it i was in my living room when no one else was home. It took me a couple of minutes to really buckle down and space out. When i did my breathing slowed and i became very calm. I didn’t really think about much in those ten minutes , i just stood there, it is really weird to have my mind completely empty of thought and moments through the day. Because most of the time i am always thinking about something and over thinking everything. It was nice just have  a completely calm feeling. Which i really loved because i don’t really get to just sit down and relax much. After i was done with my ten minutes i was very mellow and felt like i had slowly and nicely woken up from a ten minute nap.

Now my busy pace ten minutes was very different, i picked to do it when i went to Walmart to grocery shop with my mom.. It was much harder to actually just space out, because i would be in people’s way or they would be in my way. And there also was much more to see and hear around me. I finally did when we were checking out because we they were taking FOREVER. And when I did my mind drifted and actually thought methodically just about my life at the moment. And the conversation in class about true happiness or being happy with one’s life popped into my head, and i asked myself if i was actually happy with where I was. I thought and for the most part yes, but I thought a few things could change. I began to think how and then my mom asked to go get her something. So that was the end of my deep thinking. I don’t think it was actually ten minutes but I did get something out of the little time I had.

To compare my experiences i think i liked my at home one because i was just so calm and relaxed and it is very difficult for me to just be mellow. But that the only part of that one i liked. Because i really didn’t get to deeply think about anything. And i think i was more methodical in Walmart is because there was so much more happening around me. So maybe that fueled my thought process more. I have noticed since i have done this that it is way easier to just space out now. Which i love because now when i do just want to relax and stop to think about what i want instead of what i need to get done or do.  I really enjoyed this experiment it really got me thinking and above all it showed mt the importance of QUESTIONING EVERYTHING!

  1. Chewbecca says:

    You’re reaction to the field experiment by yourself interests me because I felt like I was kind of the opposite. I tend to be deep in thought and am very observant most of the time, so this experiment was basically just what I do everyday, except when trying to force myself to think of nothing it pressured me and actually made me worry. I think I will try this experiment again jn the future and naturally become calm the way you did.

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